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Actionable Data
For Your Business.

With EZ Skip Trace, you have access to the most accurate skip trace data for your business needs.

Advanced Data

Actionable data to grow your business.

We’ve tested our data against the competition and ours is the highest quality in the industry. Our phone number accuracy alone, is the best in the business and is why the largest call centers use our data exclusively.

Email Addresses

Accurate emails for your email campaigns

Phone Numbers

The most accurate phone numbers in the industry

Mailing Addresses

Receive the "Last Known" mailing addresses

Multiple Flags

We provide Flags for Bankruptcy, Divorce, Evictions, Foreclosures, Property Records, Judgements & Liens.


Volume Based Pricing

We offer competitive, volume-based pricing that will fit all business sizes. Compare our pricing to the competition!

Under 10k Records
/ Search

1 - 9,999 Records and you pay  $.15 Per Search.

10k - 20k Records
/ Search

10,000 - 19,999 Records and you pay $.12 Per Search.

20k+ Records
/ Search

Anything over 20,000 Records and you pay $.10 Per Search.

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